Theory behind blocked drains
Fat build up , rust in old pipe lines , food matter and more are bound to cause blockages in youre system at one point or another No matter what causes youre drain to be naughty or pipes to run slowly or back up Blockbusters has the skills & expertise to unblock and clean youre storm water & sewer lines Since 1990 Blockbusters has served Johannesburg & suurounds youre drains We take the time to determine exactly what the cause of the blockage is and the best solution .

Sewer jetting uses a nozzle with jets in it & pressurized water to break apart clogs ,scrub the side of dirty drains & flush out residue Each nozzle is designed to direct high pressure streams of water towards the pipe surface whilst also pulling through the jetting hose through the line This breaks apart the blockages & washes the debris away . This method of pipe, drain & sewer cleaning can add to the longevity of the pipes & restores them to an almost new condition

Sewer jetting is one of the most effective , efficient & economically safe methods of cleaning away debris in the pipes It does not use any harsh chemicals just tap water & provides enough force to scour the entire inner wall of the pipe & remove debris , deposits Sewer jetting systems can be fitted with a variety of nozzles to achieve different tasks & break apart different kinds of blockages Regular cleanings can reduce the amount of plumbing service calls one makes , which can save you money in the long run

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Jetting R1083 incl